Vehicle Wraps Phoenix | Carnauba or Polymer Based Car Wrap Wax Caring for your vehicle wrap is just as important as finding the right company to design it and install it for you. We have already gone over the best way to care for a wrapped vehicle but let us touch up on what kind of wax to use on your car wrap. There are 2 different kinds of wax that get brought up on this topic, carnauba wax and polymer based car wax. The car wax that we recommend for best results and longevity for your vehicle wrap is any polymer based car wax. Especially those that are made specifically for vinyl wrapped vehicles. Polymer based car wax is an inexpensive, very easy to apply product that does not require a buffer but uses a terry-cloth instead. This type of car wax can be found typically at any auto parts store and lasts quite a while. Some owners can get by with applying a coat twice a year, saving you time and keeping your car wrap looking great. The other type of wax is carnauba wax. This all natural substance is very hard to work with and requires the proper application tools to apply it. Although this product offers a beautiful shine when applied properly, the buffering and tools needed are harmful to your vehicles vinyl wrap and should be avoided. Most of the time carnauba wax is used is on paint jobs and most drivers will have a dealership or a professional detailer apply the wax for them. Both waxes are great but only one should be used on your cars vinyl wrap; polymer based car wax. Unlike carnauba wax it’s easy to apply properties will keep your vehicle wrap looking beautiful. ]]>

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