It is safe to say that the past few months have been nothing short of erratic when it comes to the economy. When faced with uncertain times, consumers often change their behavior. In addition to this, regulations have been put in place by the Center for Disease Control forcing retailers to also change their behavior.

For decades, the science behind retail signage has been predicated by the behavior of consumers, but with so much regulation present in the past few months, it is the retailers that have begun to forcibly modify that behavior in order to keep compliant with the CDC. The way people shop is drastically changing, and any time there is a deviance in the way consumers act, retail signage must be adjusted accordingly.

There is an old adage in the world of real estate that holds true for retail signage as well – location, location, location. In terms of retail signage, prime real estate is anywhere there is either a lot of foot traffic or places where consumers eyes tend to wander. Since COVID-19 hit, foot traffic has drastically altered in two very significant ways, and retailers need to adapt to this.


As retailers begin to limit the amount of people inside stores, more and more customers are expected to wait outside to enter. You see these long lines at big box retailers like Walmart or your local grocery stores like Kroger. In response, we have seen retailers begin to place retail signage outside of their locations in the form of banners, window graphics, or wall wraps.

The lines inside the store have changed as well. With social distancing, lines have become longer in terms of distance away from the register, with some snaking through areas they normally wouldn’t. Take advantage of this situation by creating retail signage or POP displays that can easily be seen in these new locations for customers who are prone to make impulse buys. Also, don’t be afraid to explore the option of using a POP display as a marker for social distancing.


coronavirus retail signage

The flow of how consumers move within a store has drastically been altered with the advent of one way aisles. Because of this, the retail signage you put on your aisle end caps is important now more than ever. Try combining promotional retail signage with directional retail signage for the maximum impact on your customers.

At azpro, our skilled team not only creates Point of Purchase displays for you, but we can also correctly install these signages to boost your products and maximize your sales. If you are wondering about which point of purchase displays would be best for your products, call us at 866-907-8438 today!

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