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  • Is your current signage not drawing enough attention?
  • Is your current provider not delivering on their promises?
  • Looking for someone who you can trust to get the job done right?
  • Is your storefront not attracting customers to your store?
  • Tired of paying multiple companies to design, print and install?
  • Looking for someone who you can trust to keep up with your monthly specials?
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AZPRO has a complete customer first attitude and always make sure to take care of us, meet our needs and deadlines. They also have a great design team that keeps our business looking fresh and different. AZPRO increased revenue by the look, tone, and feel of every point of sale material inside and outside of our stores. The team is always one step ahead of requests and always flexible in our requests.


Customer Communication Specialist at Fry’s Food Stores


What is the difference between POP (Point of Purhcase) and POS (Point of Sale)?

POP is signage that you can see anywhere throughout the retail space whereas POS is signage that you will only see in the immediate vicinity of where the sale is made.

How does POP/POS signage drive sales?

POP/POS signage drives sales through pointing out promotional items, sale items, serving as a waypoint for the planned purchase as well as prompting an impulse buy. A well-executed POP/POS display will also improve the overall environment of the retail location, which in turn will also enhance the shopping experience for the consumer.

Can AZPRO design my retail signage/storefront window graphics?

Yes, our in-house, award-winning design team has nearly 100 years of design experience, collectively, and is capable of not only designing your retail signage, but they have often been tasked with rebranding entire companies from the logo and beyond.

How often should I change out my retail signage/storefront window graphics?

Many retail businesses change out their retail signage on a weekly basis, but at the very minimum, some POP/POS signage is changed out on a quarterly basis, in addition to most major holidays.

What are the benefits of window perforation/graphics?

Location, Location, Location! If there is one place you can be certain every customer will pass by, it is the windows near the entrance of your store. Using window perforation will still allow your customers to see through the window from the inside, retaining the environments natural light, and also provides shade in warmer climates.

Should my retail business be putting up seasonal/holiday signage?

Yes! Nearly every successful retail business makes it a point to change out much of their signage to a holiday themed décor package in order to enhance the shopping experience for their consumers.