Whether you are a major chain or a “mom and pop” retail business, there are certain retail signage strategies that work well across the board. Clearly there are some tactics that lend well to one type of business but not the other, however, plenty of strategies exist that can be applied to both.

Among those best practices is highlighting the products that are local produced. We first saw this put into play in the produce sections with stores eager to use their retail signage to draw attention to locally grown fruits and vegetables. It continues to this day, with almost every store calling out their local farmers with retail signage that is hard to miss.retail signage printer

But this doesn’t have to be the extend of your efforts when it comes to local products. Retail businesses should be creating retail signage for every local product they sell. Not only does it appeal to the older demographic of shoppers, who are used to shopping on “main street”, but studies also show that the younger generations tend to patronize businesses that display a tendency to support causes. Shopping locally is one of those causes that has proven to be very popular with younger consumers.

Kroger brands do a tremendous job when it comes to highlighting their local products, and they do so in various ways. From ceiling signs, to orchard bins, to POP displays, to headers, they find every opportunity to let their shoppers know exactly where to find their local products.

Looking specifically at Fry’s Food Stores, you can find retail signage calling out local produce in several retail signage printerdifferent areas, even with some inserts featuring the Arizona flag, which is easily recognizable to almost everyone. The POP displays at the end of their aisles are colorful and vibrant, calling attention to their locally produced Mexican products. They’ve even dedicated an entire cooler to the local Danzeisen Dairy.

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