Have you ever wondered why we are drawn to retail signs? What about them makes us look at them and want to learn more about what they are promoting? azpro is a retail signage company that designs, prints, and installs retail signage nationwide. Here are tips from the azpro design team on how to create your retail signage attractive.

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Big Fonts

We love big fonts, our eyes are drawn to big fonts because of… CONTRAST. Our brain is very keen at noticing the difference between things. When our brain sees big letters it is drawn to them. Not only do big fonts grab our brains attention, but it is helpful for more people to see them. Whether they are driving a car and take a glance or someone with poor eyesight looking from afar, BIG FONTS grab our attention.


Customers look at retail signs because they are helpful. There are so many ways that you can use retail signs to help your customers, from directional arrows to guided instructions. It’s all about communicating to the customers what you want or need them to do. azpro is a great retail signage company that knows what the best signs are for each business and how they should be used to get the most out of them.


Finally, retail signs are time savers for customers. They can tell the customers what’s going on without having them search for too much information. Retail signs such as promotions or discounts can tell customers very quickly what deals you have for them so they can be aware of them and potentially purchase them.

retail signage company

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If you or your business is interested in learning more about how to use retail signage to your advantage, contact azpro to discuss with us ways to use them effectively.

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