The retail signage in your store is the first and last thing that customers see when they enter and exit the store. Usually, they range in functions, such as their abilities to promote, direct, send a message, or instruct. Whatever function they are used for, customers are always reading while on the move as stopping them in their tracks could stop other shoppers’ flow of traffic. In order to help with customers’ convenience, as well as to help successfully promote products and services, read on to see why customers prefer bigger retail signage in your store.

Advantages of a Bigger Retail Signage

  • Increases Brand Visibility – The bigger the signage (and the better it is designed) the easier it is for customers to recognize who you are and what you represent. Frequently changing brand awareness shows that you care about customer service and enhances their experience with your store, thereby increasing sales.
  • The rise in Foot Traffic – Smart utilization of larger retail signage means putting them on windows where potential customers can see what you have to offer them. Customers like new experiences in retail stores and are more likely to visit when you are able to attract their attention with the design of retail signage, promotion, and how you are able to make them want more.
  • Bold Fonts, Colors, and Images – Bright colors, as well as colors contrasting the brand’s color scheme, usually attract a customer’s attention right away. Using the right bold fonts can break apart too many colors, as well as help them recognize who you are and what you are trying to say. Top it off with an image. Images sometimes speak louder than colors and words, as customers can relate to them more.

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