Vehicle advertising is one of the more cost-efficient and effective forms of marketing your brand. It’s a mobile approach that allows you to reach a wider audience creating a powerful impact on your target market.

Here is why every business should start investing in vehicle ads:

Extensive Brand Exposure

One of the reasons businesses invest in mobile vehicle advertising is that every time their vehicles get driven, it adds to the overall brand exposure. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, advertising on automobiles can create 30,000 to 80,000 impressions (the number of times people view an ad) daily, depending on vehicle mileage. The number of impressions your fleet wrap generates depends on the number of vehicles your company owns.

Low-Cost Advertising

Businesses look for places that wrap fleets to take advantage of this low-cost advertising option for their brand. Industry experts gauge the cost of an ad campaign using the cost per 1,000 impressions. A higher per-impression cost means an ad doesn’t reach as many potential customers as expected. Vehicle wraps are considered low-cost advertising mediums, with an average cost per impression of 4 cents per 1,000 impressions. In comparison, newspaper ads cost $12 per 1,000 impressions.

Higher Target Ratio

Getting a higher target ratio means that your ads can better reach your targeted demographic. Mobile vehicle advertising has an excellent target ratio of 95 percent. This tells us that fleet wraps present mobile marketing messages better than billboards and other forms of traditional advertising. As a result, you have an outstanding chance of reaching your intended audience through passersby, drivers and passengers of other vehicles.

Branding Messages on the Go

When you’re advertising on automobiles, your brand message isn’t confined to a single location, like a billboard or other forms of fixed advertising. You don’t need to depend on the amount of foot traffic in a given location. Statistics show that 91 percent of people on the road will notice fleet graphics on your company vehicles. Since people see your ads on official company vehicles, it also creates an impression that your products are delivered, boosting brand confidence.

Create a Positive Public Opinion

Related to the previous benefit, entrepreneurs look for places that wrap fleets because vehicle wraps generate a positive opinion about your business. Around 75 percent of people who see fleet wraps report favorable opinions about the advertised companies. In addition, respondents said they feel that the company that owns those vehicles is more successful and established.

A Powerful Influence on Purchasing Decisions

Aside from boosting brand awareness, mobile vehicle advertising can strongly impact consumer buying decisions. According to the American Trucking Association, 29 percent of the people who have seen a truck-side advert are convinced to purchase the promoted products.

Bypass Advertising Restrictions

There are many restrictions to consider when advertising on billboards and signages. These include but aren’t limited to timing, rates and placement. In some instances, the size of the signage will also be restricted, which can reduce brand visibility. However, in the case of mobile vehicle advertising, you can bypass all those restrictions since your ads are on the go and printed on your own company’s vehicles.

According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study, people spend an average of 20 hours each week in their vehicles. This means you can reach commuters, employees driving to work, middle-aged people and consumers who have a higher income. You can reach a lucrative market with more people who have higher buying power.

Non-Aggressive Advertising

Fleet wraps and graphics are considered non-aggressive advertising compared to ads on TV, the internet or radio. As a result, your brand advertisement can attract attention without disturbing viewers on the road. When you use impactful vehicle wrap designs, people on the road can easily spot your brand message and will respond more positively.

Local Brand Advertising

Using fleet wraps is considered an effective form of local advertising. Customers tend to trust local brands more compared to their global counterparts. In addition, consumers tend to think local brands have faster response rates. On top of that, people often support local businesses, thus increasing brand loyalty. When you advertise your business using vehicle wraps, you increase your local customer acquisition and gain higher local market penetration.

Grabs Audience Attention

Colorful vehicle graphics are attention-grabbing, which makes your ads stand out. People will hardly miss a well-designed vehicle wrap, increasing brand awareness and boosting engagement.

Fast and Easy Installation

A new paint job will require plenty of time to dry and can be costly since several coats of paint need to be applied. On the other hand, Vinyl wraps are easy to install and won’t cost you as much as a new custom paint job.

Vehicle Protection

Other than making your fleet more attractive, vinyl wraps add a form of protection to your vehicle’s exterior. It can help prevent scratches and minor damage, plus it can also protect your vehicle’s paint. In addition, the vinyl can be easily replaced when you want to try a different advertising campaign.

Use Impactful Vehicle Advertising That Delivers Results

A well-designed vehicle advertising campaign can increase brand awareness and engagement. At AZPRO, we help you design compelling fleet graphics for your company’s vehicles. In addition, we are G7 color reproduction experts carrying a 3M Matched Components Systems (MCS) warranty.

Call 866 907 8438 today or fill out this form so we can help you design your next vehicle advertising campaign and grow your business.

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