With every passing year, marketing strategies slowly become more concrete as study-after-study solidifies certain methods as best practices. This is, perhaps, most evident when looking at service vehicles. The evolution of vehicle fleet graphics over the past few decades reveals a stark contrast between what was believed to be effective thirty years ago and what is effective today.

Like many things, technology has made life much simpler in many ways and many designers have followed suit by simplifying the designs you see on many vehicle fleets. “Less is more” has become the trend in vehicle fleet graphics, and it has been proven successful. Below are a few ways to liven up your fleet in a way that will almost certainly yield immediate results:

  • CLUTTERfleet graphics

The first mistake many owners make is requesting too much information be put into their designs. Phone numbers, certifications, services, and website information are all crammed on to some designs and it serves no purpose other than wasting your opportunity to reach a potential new customer. The Polished Cleaners vehicle fleet graphics are a perfect example of a wrap that is not clutter but still very effective.

  • LOGOSfleet graphics

Changing your logo may be necessary to ensure your vehicle fleet graphics garner the most attention they can. Look no further than some of the iconic logos you see in the world around you – Nike, McDonald’s, Target, etc. The swoosh, the golden arches, and the bullseye are all very simple designs but immediately evoke brand recognition. Just like your overall vehicle wrap, more detail doesn’t necessarily mean more attention or make your vehicle fleet graphics more memorable. In fact, it often has the opposite effect. Busy logos are usually the first to be forgotten. SeaTown Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air has a sharp logo that not only gets your attention, but it’s hard to forget.


There are a couple things to consider when choosing colors for a wrap. First, try to choose colors that are consistent with your industry. For example, heating and air conditioning companies may want to combine warm and cold colors into their wrap. Take a look at the Alco Air wrap and how it uses a combination of orange and blue to promote both their heating and cooling services. From there, you want to choose a palette that is unique and recognizable. Combine colors that haven’t already been used by your competitors.

All of the above examples of wraps were designed by our good friends at KickCharge Creative. They do an absolutely amazing job not only designing vehicle wraps, but also completely rebranding companies, from the logo on down.

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