Retail store signage is proven to be highly effective at influencing customers and driving sales. Customers even remember that signages are part of their shopping experience. Every business, including yours, needs retail signage as a way to advertise, direct, or inform customers on how they choose to spend their shopping experience with you. Read for more tips on what retail store signage should look like and include.

Tips for what a Retail Store Signage Should Look Like:

  • Brand your signage. Make sure that signage always speaks to customers about the identity of your store. Use the brand’s color scheme, logo, or any combination of the two.
  • Be specific. Include details such as a promotion, service, or product. A sign without direct communication is confusing and will most likely deter customers.
  • Clear and concise message. Store signage should be easily read by customers in seconds, otherwise, they are ignored. Make signs that are big with bold prints and pair them with highly visible color schemes.
  • Create a hierarchy. Believe it or not, messages have a hierarchy: headline, descriptive text, and a call to action. Keeping it simple works for you and sends a direct message to customers.
  • Include a call to action. A call to action tells customers what to do. This is when functions in signage come into play.

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