We have all seen that bad retail signage in stores that can be confusing, misplaced, hard to read, or just non-existent. As store owners or managers, it might be hard to tell if your signage is in the wrong place or written using the wrong words because you look at it every and understand what the message is already. It’s important to think of the outside perspective when creating and placing your signage to make sure your retail signage efforts are effective and not wasted. Here are a couple of ways you might be misusing your retail signage.

Misplaced product signage retail signage

Are you sure that the retail signage advertising your products are placed in a noticeable area near the product and labeled correctly? It is helpful to your customers to place special pricing signage for specific products in the upper right-hand corner if possible and to use noticeable colors around the text such as yellow or red. Using noticeable colors surrounding the text is helpful because some packaging can have a lot of text causing your signage to go unnoticed or hard to find.

Too much negative retail signage

It is hard to get around constant signage telling the consumer what to do or don’t do during a pandemic. Directional retail signage is important and, for most stores, must be at the entrance and checkouts of the store so try and keep the signage written in a sympathetic tone. This helps keep the customer’s spirits high entering and exiting your store increasing their chances to stay longer to spend more money or to leave with intentions of returning. Ways to do this is by using words like “no” and “don’t” as little as possible and by keeping the message short.

Employee Signage

There should be only one sign for your employees that can be easily seen by your customers. Can you guess what it is? The sign asking your employees to always wash their hands after using the restroom before returning to work. There will always be signs behind your register, work stations, and in the employee breakrooms, but there is never a need to put signs out where the customer can see them with proper communication with all your team members.

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