Vehicle Wraps Phoenix | How To Track ROI On Car Wraps Customers ask us all the time, “How effective are vehicle wraps? How can we gauge an ROI (return on investment)?” Any business that is advertising with a well designed vehicle wrap has a story. It could be how they were driving down the street and gave out a business card at a stop light. Or that they got stopped in a parking lot. But some good ways to really dive in to what kind of return on investment your vehicle wraps will bring are:

  1. Assign a different telephone number to your Phoenix vehicle wraps. You may have the design you would like on your car already. Or you may want a professional design team to brand your company. Either way having a different number incorporated into your vehicle wraps design will allow you to be able to track who and how many calls and views you are getting off of your car wraps.
  2. Engage possible customers with a discount on your service or a free coupon for a chicken sandwich. It does not have to be a huge discount but something to get your vehicle wrap noticed. “Get 15% off when you mention this Phoenix vehicle wrap to one of our sales managers!” You will be able to gauge your return on investment how many people reference your discount.
  3. Just like having a new telephone number for your vehicle wraps try a landing page. It is similar to a new website for your cars wrap design. It would be helpful if it was similar to your current websites name. A landing page is a URL that is different from your main website but still takes you to your main website. An example would be if your current site is, your landing page, which would be listed on your car wraps, could by Doing this will allow you to track and manage what kind of ROI you are receiving from your car wraps and decide if maybe a fleet of vehicle wraps is the right advertising investment for your company.
There are other ways that you can keep track of your return on investment. These are pretty simpler and easier to manage. There is no advertising medium out there that compares to vehicle wraps. Phoenix, AZ based azpro is your single point of contact for all of your vehicle graphic needs supporting Avondale, Chandler, Glendale, Goodyear, Mesa, Scottsdale, Surprise, and Tempe. Call us today or click on the chat button below for a free quote! Let azpro help you create a lasting impression and get your business driving in the right direction. ]]>

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