Vehicle wrap care is important especially in Phoenix, AZ. Your vehicle wrap represents your company and keeping it looking its best is easy. But how do you do that?

Vehicle Wraps Phoenix Dos

  • Wash your wrapped vehicle using a mixture of car soap and clean water
  • Wash your vehicle wrap often (2-3 times per month) and immediately following a rainstorm
  • Before using a new cleaning solution on your vehicle wrap make sure to try a little bit on an inconspicuous spot and read the labels for warnings
  • Wash your wrapped vehicle with a soft sponge
  • After washing, rinse your wrapped car with clean water
  • Use a microfiber cloth or chamois to dry your vehicle wrap
  • Protect your wrapped vehicle with a polymer based synthetic hand wax. Apply this to your entire vehicle wrap every 6 months and every 3 months on the non-vertical areas.

Vehicle Wraps Phoenix Don’ts

  • Don’t let gas or any other type of fuel drip onto your vehicle wrap. Clean it off promptly with soap and water to avoid damage.
  • Don’t use abrasive sponges or brushes on your vehicle wrap
  • Don’t take your vehicle wrap through an automatic car wash (it can cause scratches or peeling)
  • Don’t use a pressure washer at any time to clean the vehicle wrap

Other Tips to Help Maintain Your Vehicle Wraps Quality

  • Avoid long periods of sun exposure
  • Drive the vehicle regularly and try to avoid parking your wrapped vehicle in the same direction, this may cause the wrap to fade prematurely on one side due to sun exposure (prominent with western exposure)
  • Park your wrapped vehicle under cover or in a garage whenever possible
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