Vehicle Wraps Phoenix | Car Wrapping Scams in Your Neighborhood “Wrap your car and make $400 a week” or something along these lines are how scam artists are getting folks in Phoenix, AZ to fork over thousands of dollars. These car wrapping scammers are using email, job hunting sites, and even posting on craigslist to get to you. To get you thinking that it is a legit offer, they will tell you that your car wrap will be advertising for a big company like Rockstar or Monster or any other recognizable company. These vehicle wrap offers sound great and if the offer is accepted that is where the scam starts. Typically the scammer will send you a check for a large sum of money usually a couple thousand dollars. The directions for the check are to deposit the check and keep a certain amount for you as payment and then wire the rest back to the company who issued it. After the money is wired back to the company they say they will use that money to wrap your car but at that point it is too late. Your money is gone and you were never going to get a car wrap or advertise using your vehicle. Banks have become increasingly more aware about these car wrap scams and will recognize a phony check and refuse to deposit it. DO NOT fall for one of these car wrap scams. Vehicle wrap offers to make money while doing nothing are not real. If you come across an offer or an ad like this do not respond to it. These companies will not pay you to wrap your vehicle with their graphics. These companies are big enough to wrap their own cars and many of them do wrap fleets of cars or trucks. ]]>