Leaving a positive business impression using your fleet wrap is ideal for drawing more attention to your business. Your design can create a powerful impact on potential customers and attract them to your brand. Further, effective vehicle wrap design ideas make an engaging initial encounter, driving people to inquire about your products and services.

The following are some of the top vinyl wrap ideas that can create a lasting and memorable impression about your business:

Use Attention-Grabbing Design Elements

One of the most crucial vehicle wrap design ideas is to include attention-grabbing elements. The design should be clean, eye-catching, easy to read and concise.

Consider the following design ideas you can add to generate interest and attract prospects who see your vehicle’s fleet wrap:

Use a Colorful High-Resolution Photo

Photos create visual interest and immediately cause people to look at your fleet wrap. Adding an image with high relevance to your brand improves retention rates by 300 percent. Use high-resolution pictures (ideally 150 to 300 dots per inch) to create a more professional look, making design elements easy to recognize. Further, incorporating full-color digital photos, artwork, company logos and other graphical elements to your fleet wrap adds to the overall impact.

Match the Company Colors

It’s best to adopt a color scheme that matches your brand’s existing color theme. Use background colors that go well with your brand image, encouraging viewers to focus on your vinyl wrap design’s message. Using the colors black or white, as well as darker shades to highlight light colors is best suited for brand colors with darker hues.

Use Color Combinations That Improve Visibility

Viewers will usually only have a few seconds to interpret and understand the images and text displayed on your company’s vehicles. One of the effective vehicle wrap design ideas is to use color combinations that improve visibility. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has recommended the following color combinations to enhance readability at a distance:

  • Black on yellow
  • Brown on white
  • Black on white
  • Brown on yellow
  • Yellow on black
  • White on brown
  • White on blue
  • White on green
  • Green on white
  • Blue on yellow

These recommended color combinations can be implemented into your fleet wrap’s text and company symbols. Choosing the right color combination helps to make your marketing message clear, especially when you want people to recognize and remember your contact information.

Add Borders to Guide the Viewer’s Eyes

Images, graphics and text are easier to read and comprehend when you include a border in your design. It also helps people read your marketing message up to 25 percent faster. Borders are recommended in sections of your design that you want people to remember, such as your website’s URL or your company’s phone number.

Implement Typeface Best Practice

One of the more critical vinyl wrap ideas is to use appropriate typefaces for the text. Viewers in vehicles and pedestrians can better distinguish letters using upper and lower case texts. In addition, the right font will be less distracting and more memorable in turn.

As a rule, you should only opt to use as many as two different letter styles. Using more than two will confuse your potential customers and can reduce the effectiveness of your message.

Add a Little Humor

You can add a little humor to your vehicle wrap design when appropriate. Funny branding messages are relatable, and it has been proven that humor improves message recall. On the other hand, a humorous statement is attention-grabbing, and people don’t mind some well-needed stress relief while on the road.

However, it’s important to be sensitive when incorporating humor into your design, you want to ensure your brand remains professional. Before using humor, it’s recommended to conduct some A/B testing to determine which type of humor works best for your target audience.

Focus on Only One Message

Sending mixed brand messages can create a negative impression. In order to prevent losing your customer’s interest, ensure your message is concise and coherent. Brevity is essential when conveying your marketing message as it allows you to capture your audience’s attention better.

Emphasize only one message. For instance, if you’re offering the best selection of products at the most affordable price, you need to choose if you want people to remember your prices or your selection of products. If you’re going to include a list in your text, include only three items (e.g., three products or three services).

Streamline Your Design

In the world of fleet wrap design, less is more. Keep the design simple and clean so viewers can decipher your message quickly. Your audience can only pick up a few design elements as your vehicle passes, so it’s key to highlight your primary takeaway in the design.

Add a Strong Call to Action

Your fleet wrap can easily be forgotten without a clear call to action (CTA) and won’t fulfill its desired purpose. Including a strong CTA tells your prospects precisely what to do, whether that is to visit your website or call your company’s phone number for inquiries. A clear and memorable CTA helps you achieve your marketing objectives and promotes action.

Design Practices to Avoid

There are a few practices that you should avoid when designing the fleet wrap for your company vehicles:

  • Be careful not to run text from the side of the vehicle over to the hood, as it makes the text difficult to read and can confuse your audience.
  • Don’t include too much information in your text. Your company may have more than one phone number, but that doesn’t mean you have to list them all on the vinyl wrap design. You should also use shorter web addresses when listing your website or company email.
  • Avoid using small text. The United States Sign Council recommends using at least three-inch letters, which remain visible up to 25 feet away. However, you can adjust your text’s font size according to your branding needs.

Use Optimal And Memorable Vehicle Wrap Design Ideas

With the help of optimal vehicle wrap design ideas, you can create a lasting positive business impression. At AZPRO, we have certified design experts and products carrying a 3M Matched Components Systems (MCS) warranty. In addition, our team provides top-of-the-line vehicle fleet graphics to match your marketing needs. Call 866 907 8438 today or fill out this form so we can help you conceptualize the most practical design ideas for your brand to create an impactful business impression.

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