Low Price Doesn’t Always Mean Value There’s this adage that floats around in design circles that goes something like this: “We offer three types of service: great, cheap & fast — but you can only pick two.” It’s become so popular over the years that you’ve probably seen a variation on the theme at your local auto mechanic. What’s at the root of that statement is that the product you’re purchasing has a value, and the quality of the end result is entirely up to you and what you’re willing to invest, be it time, money or otherwise. It’s also a good argument for something we believe in whole-heartedly: low price doesn’t always mean value. Fast, Cheap and Great Let’s take this to an example, and we’ll use mechanics in this scenario. In case you didn’t know, most automotive mechanics have to buy their own tools to do their jobs. Because of that, there are fleets of tool trucks that stop from shop to shop, delivering high-quality tools at expensive rates. But some mechanics opt out of that system, and instead go down to the local hardware store or big box store to buy the things they need to make a living. Their argument is that it’s cheap enough that if the tool should break, buying a new one is no big deal. But the problem is that they’re missing the value of the tool truck purchase. When professionals purchase a tool from a tool truck, they’re getting a product that functions as it should, sure. But it also is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last a lifetime and beyond. So much so that they come with a lifetime warranty, and in the rare occasion that the tool should break, they can swap it out for a new one right away, no questions asked. These mechanics build up a relationship with their tool truck salesman, and since they know each other well, one can suggest something to the other that adds to the overall experience. “Hey, I noticed you’re buying 3/8-inch sockets. Did you know that we also carry not just shallow and deep depths, but also a mid-depth option?” It’s just part of the value of that service. When it comes to your own business, the tools you need to do your job can be varied and diverse, but one of them is always going to be your branding. You need a way to visibly get your product out into the public eye, but in a variety of different methods. For that, you need access to a tool truck for design, of sorts; a company that can produce what you need from start to finish, giving you a quality product every time, as well as giving you advice and the resources you need. And if you should decide to change your branding or need additional services, that same tool truck should be there for you when you need it. Again, it’s about value. But, were we to stretch out this analogy even further, doesn’t that mean that companies like azpro — ones that are like tool trucks for design — will charge exorbitantly for their services? Sure, some do, but we’re not them. At the same time, we’re also not going to compete on price, because that’s not what we’re trying to gain. We want all of your marketing dollars, but we want them to go as far as possible. Our focus isn’t on the price, it’s on the value. When you come in to azpro for your project, we want to build up that rapport so that when it comes time for you to make another move, we can be there to provide the services you need. It’s about building that long-term relationship that benefits the both of us, making us both stronger in the end. And when it comes to your business, having a strong foundation beneath you is important. Because our goal is to work with you not just once, but over several years, our interests are in making sure you succeed. It could start with one project, then move on to the next as your business expands. Going back to the tool truck analogy, we want to give you the best tools for your company so that you can succeed. And because we’re the group that’s been with you from the beginning (or somewhere thereabouts), we have all of the assets you’ll need moving forward. Imagine that — no more chasing down graphic designers or asking the question, “Did we send that to Howard’s Print Shack or Jim’s House of Print?” In other words, there are lots of different options that you have in front of you when it comes time to take your business to the next level. The smart decision is to go with the company that provides you the most value for your dollar, because in the long run, that’s going to pay off in dividends. And sure, we may not show up in a fancy tool truck, but if you have one and need it wrapped, you know who to call.]]>

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