Casper Cloaking Technology™ by Designtex is absolutely what you should consider for the glass windows or walls inCasper Cloaking Technology your office. Casper Film™ allows passers the ability to still see inside a room, however, any type of digital screen will not be visible to those looking in. Your computer monitor or television will appear as if it is off to those who are not in the room.


A standard strip of Casper Film™ looks much like the tinted window of a car, but there are a number of patterns and varieties you can choose from. Maintaining the current theme of your office will not be a problem with the number of options that are available.


Casper Window Film InstallationThe installation of Casper Film™ is a delicate, but fairly quick process that will not inhibit the day-to-day operations of a business. Should you choose to have Casper Film™ installed at your company, the application could be completed in a matter of hours, depending on the scale of the job. The installation process is performed somewhat different from a comparable window frost. Casper Film™ requires the surface and the material to be wet down before applying. Our team here at azpro can install Casper Film™ throughout your office to ensure your business’sCasper Cloaking Technology Installation sensitive information is safe. We might be located in Arizona but our crew travels nationwide, so whether your business is in New York, Florida, Michigan, or anywhere in the US, our team will come to you! If you’re ready to start protecting your business with Casper Film™, then call 866-503-8345 for a free quote.]]>