Brick and mortar stores are adapting to the new reality of a digital world. One of the ways they are evolving is by offering consumers something in the store that they cannot get online. Customers come into a store because they want to see what they are buying before they buy it. They want to see and touch products in person

One of the most successful tactics to sell more products to shoppers in stores is the POP (Point Of Purchase) display. This method has been proven to increase the sale of merchandise across a variety of store types. These are products that they may not have found themselves on a shelf and only found because of the strategic location of the POP displays. In this article, we will go into some greater detail on what a POP display is and some of the ways you can deploy them in your store to help increase your merchandise sales.

1. Attention-Grabbing POP Displays

The aim of POP displays is grabbing your shopper’s attention. We want them to pick up the merchandise and kind of shrug their way into realizing that this product that they did not even know existed when they first walked into your store is something they could use or benefit from, and then they buy it. The beauty of the POP display is that it helps your consumers make impulse purchases that they may not otherwise have made but now will because of this POP display. Creative display stands are an excellent way to grab your customer’s attention.

2. Cross-Merchandising

The secret to success with the various types of POP displays is their placement. Cross-merchandising items is a great way to encourage last-minute buying decisions. When you have a POP display that has sunscreen, sunglasses, and swim diapers together, it helps your shoppers by saving time and reminding them of products that they need. People appreciate it when you are considerate of their needs, and that appreciation will reflect in the increased sales.

3. Interactive POP Displays

One creative way to engage your customers with the displays is face-in-hole cardboard cutouts. Consumers enjoy fun interactive displays. Another idea is incorporating QR codes, which they can scan with their phones to access exclusive content related to the product you are promoting.

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