When you really break it down, consumers fall into two categories – those who like shopping and those who don’t. Even the consumers who enjoy shopping only enjoy it under certain circumstances that make their experience more enjoyable. These conditions are the reasons most consumers shop at the same stores or types of retail environments. Familiarity and knowing what to expect brings about comfort to consumers and makes them feel more secure making that big purchase or many smaller ones.

One major way of enhancing the shopping experience for both of these types of consumers is making sure you have effective point of purchase signage. For those who don’t know, point of purchase signage consists of any type of sign that is positioned throughout a retail business that informs shoppers of sales, promotions, or product information. When used properly, point of purchase signage makes the act of shopping much more seamless and, therefore, enjoyable. When this process is not seamless, you have the adverse effect take place – the experience becomes frustrating and the consumer is discouraged from making their purpose. Some factors are uncontrollable, like the crowding of a store or being unexpectedly short-staffed, but the point of purchase can help alleviate whatever the variable situation might be.pop display


One way point of purchase signage can aid a consumer is by providing vital information to them in the even they cannot find a store associate to help them. From product details to pricing information, point of purchase signage can fill the void of being understaffed or so busy that it might be impossible for your staff to attend to every shopper. The seafood side case wraps we did for Smith’s Food and Drug assure the shopper that their products are sourced from responsible fisheries.


While some consumers are content with, and even sometimes enjoy, visiting every aisle, there are plenty of other shoppers who have a very specific agenda and desire to mitigate the process as much as possible. Point of purchase signage can direct shoppers to their desired destination with very little effort. Headers, like the Asian foods one we did for Ralphs Grocery, are good examples of point of purchase signage that can serve as a waypoint.

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