Disruption is the name of the game when it comes to retail signage. The word itself carries a negative connotation in the minds of many, but in terms of what you can do with your POP/POS signage, it’s all about disruption. retail floor clings

The retail/grocery industry has come a long way from the days of hand-painted signs that are taped on the front windows of the store. Years of study and research have dialed in the most effective strategy for commanding the attention of consumers. Every inch of possible advertising real estate in a physical retail location is being utilized with one simple goal – to disrupt the thoughts of the shopper and make them shift their focus to what you want them to see.

Below are a few of the newer trends in retail signage that many business owners are successfully implementing into their brick and mortar locations. retail floor clings


The old theory of “eye-level being buy-level” still holds true, but that doesn’t make floor clings any less effective. Above and beyond any other reason why they attract the customers eye is simply because they stand out. The shelves are filled with colorful items, but most floors are pretty plain. Having a colorful, sleek floor graphic can really help you draw attention to a specific product or promotion. Fred Meyer Stores have been leading the way when it comes to floor clings, with more and more appearing as time goes on.


Small POP/POS signs on shelving has been a trend for a long time, but aisle invaders are the new way to capture the attention of your customers as they stroll down each aisle. These innovated retail signs do exactly what they say – they “invade” your line of sight so that you can see a promotion from the complete opposite end of the aisle. Our good friends at Ralphs Grocery swear by aisle invaders and look for the opportunity to change them out, especially on holidays.retail floor clings

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