environmental graphics tree Envision: it’s another scorching hot day in Arizona and you walk into your favorite self-serve frozen yogurt spot. Within seconds, thanks to their bright inviting décor, you feel you’re no longer in the blazing rays of the sun but in a tropical oasis. You know you’re nowhere near this ‘oasis’, nonetheless your sneaky senses tell you otherwise. A wall mural the length of the room portrays crystal blue waters with a sunset. There are acrylic pictures of tropical pineapple, passion fruit, guava and coconut lining the walls. A vibrant museum mount displays hula dancers in their traditional attire performing on the beach. Even the windows have sugar cane graphics creating more privacy for the tropical oasis. Environmental graphics are great for manipulating an environment, deceiving your senses and making it feel as though you’ve transported elsewhere. There are countless ways that retail stores and restaurants can utilize environmental graphics to transform their spaces. From floor graphics to suspended ceiling creative, window graphics to directional signage and everything in-between. If you have a vision, we’d love to be the print partner to bring that to life. Want to check out some of our work? Take a peek here or contact us today.]]>