To understand how to use and market your Point of Purchase displays more effectively, you need to promote in a way that will grab your shoppers’ attention. In this article, we will discuss some tips that may be very helpful to you when it comes to Point of Purchase displays.

Point of Purchase Display Tips

  1. Types of Signages

Knowing the different types of signages can help you engage with shoppers. Not only that, make it visually appealing and eye-catching so that shoppers can see from far away. This allows shoppers to be more engaged in your signage and products.

  1. Product

Placing a Point of Purchase signage by a specific product draws the attention of shoppers. This lets them know that this product is not a standard shelving product. If the product is a food product, use strong imagery, and showcase it with a meal or recipe that people would take the time to try.

  1. Location

Placement of these Point of Purchase displays is critical. A shelf-talker in a long aisle helps a shopper quickly locate their items. An Endcap display helps to showcase a product when you have a larger quantity. Countertop displays showcase small and diverse products that encourage impulse buying.

  1. Vendor Shops

Like a “store within a store,” Vendor Shops usually call out to their brand by setting up shop in a grocery store. You may have seen samples given out for people to try. This is a very engaging way to let shoppers know what they should be buying instead of just looking at the packaging.

At azpro, our skilled team not only creates Point of Purchase displays for you, but we can also correctly install these signages to boost your products and maximize your sales. If you are wondering about which point of purchase displays would be best for your products, call us at 866-907-8438 today!

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