If you own or run a retail store, then you know how important it is to maintain your retail signage. Signage is how you communicate with your customers! Our team has spent over 15 years helping businesses communicate prices, sales, events, and more so we know what goes into designing effective signage Here are some tips for great retail signage:

  1. Text – Make sure the font is legible and you keep the message very short!
  2. Outdoor Signage – Don’t forget about the power of outdoor signage to draw foot traffic into your business! Outdoor signage can be clever and creative with a simple call to action to get people in the door. If you have limited space to work with, then use your store windows! People still go window shopping so leave a message in your store windows to drive people through your doors.
  3. Change your signage – People notice changes in visual signage. Changes in signage draw retail store window graphicspeople into your store. You should have your signage on a schedule. Having signage match the seasons, major holidays, sales, etc. keeps your retail signage fresh and noticeable. Some retailers try and reuse the same signage every year for the holidays. DON’T DO THIS! People notice dated signage and if you have dated signage, you have a dated business. Let people know you are relevant and creative.
Check out our gallery for some inspiration for great retail signage and window graphics. We have inspiration from retailers like King Soopers, Starbucks, Papa Johns, Target, and more! Our skilled team is completely focused on providing awesome service, especially when it comes to our specialties of retail signage/displays, corporate decor, and vehicle fleet wraps. Call us today at 866-907-8438 to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you create and properly install your next project.]]>