Think about your favorite local grocery store.

Can you visualize the signage throughout the store?

How about their unique color theme and even their logo?

Memorability matters, especially when it comes to retail businesses.

In-store signage creates a strong brand understanding, promotes products and services, and can connect your customers to your vision. With an evident return on investment (ROI), signage will increase business.

How Does ROI Relate to In-store Signage?

Store signs help the overall customer experience and are used to promote particular products and sales. The more that products are promoted, the more profit is seen. This is a resourceful way to eliminate surplus inventory and target the most profitable items for quicker sales.

Signage can increase ROI by:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Increasing beneficial customer feedback
  • Increasing store value
  • Increasing sales
  • Setting consistent brand expectations
  • Attracting customers (which will increase foot traffic)

What Key Factors Contribute to a Positive ROI for In-store Signage?

Grabbing the attention of your audience and keeping it is essential. Creating bright, creative, and humorous (when appropriate) signs will catch the shopper’s attention and help increase sales. In addition, you must consistently maintain the condition of your signs. Keeping the signage dusted, clean of spills, and away from elements that wear down the product will ensure a longer life and increased ROI.

What are the Most Effective Types of In-store Signage for Driving Sales and Increasing ROI?

Signage that is directly interactive with customers will generate the most success.

This includes:

  • Eye-level signage. Between 3’0 and 6’8”, signage in this area is in customers’ direct eyesight. This will increase the incentive to reach for these products first.
  • Aisle invaders. This signage highlights sections, aisles, or particular products. This will draw the customer’s eyes straight to the product itself.
  • Promotional signage. This identifies the brand and prices but does not specify products.
  • Digital signs. These LED screens or walls can advertise permanent and rotating messages. This type of signage can be interactive or stationary, and should be used in collaboration with printed signage.

Each signage type draws attention to the message and gently interjects itself into the shopper’s experience. With smooth integration, this signage directs customers to fulfill their desired action without being overwhelming.

How Can Retailers Measure the ROI of Their In-store Signage Efforts?

As customers are the core of every business, it is important to turn back to them for feedback. Customer engagement surveys can be a powerful tool to measure the ROI of in-store signage.

Through QR codes, social media, or email, customers can answer how signage impacted their in-store experience or how it influenced their purchases. This will then illuminate your Return On Objectives (ROO). By focusing on your objectives surrounding customers, you will be able to create specific organizational goals to continue your company’s growth.

Are There Any Common Mistakes Retailers Make When It Comes to Investing in In-store Signage?

The layout and format of signage will significantly impact overall customer engagement.

It is vital to avoid the following:

  • Too much information
  • Improper installation of your signage
  • Small or displeasing fonts
  • Color contrasts that make it hard to read
  • Outdated information

DIY attempts have been generally proven to be less engaging, so utilizing a professional designer can greatly improve your chances of success. In addition, avoid using a printer/printing company that doesn’t specialize in signs and sign management. Both of these factors lead to a higher error rate.

Printers at AZPRO have a high customer satisfaction rate and consistently print professional and vibrant work.

How Can Retailers Ensure Their In-store Signage Aligns With Their Brand and Overall Marketing Strategy?

Working with industry specialists is crucial if retailers don’t have an internal marketing and design team. Providing the specialist with your Branding Guidelines will help ensure alignment across every in-store and out-of-store tactic used.

At AZPRO, we understand each business is unique. By emphasizing your cultural, emotional, or color palette desire, we can customize products specific to you. We look to your company and close collaboration to share your branding guidelines.

What Role Does In-store Signage Play in Creating a Positive Customer Experience?

In-store signage engulfs customers in your culture, brand, and product offerings. Implementing engaging customer service will positively benefit both you and your customer. This is because your customer will feel connected to the brand and will provide customer loyalty. Communicating the main aspects of your brand through signage helps the customer in each decision made.

How Do You Stay Up to Date With the Latest Trends and Best Practices in In-store Signage?

As a company, you can stay updated with trends in various ways, including:

  • Observing competitor products in retail environments
  • Networking and getting involved within your industry
  • Reading! Staying up to date with your industry and current trends worldwide
  • Engaging in customer feedback
  • Utilizing Google alerts and hashtag notifications

Why AZPRO is Right For You

AZPRO will connect with your creative team to generate results that work best for you.

With a better presentation of your brand’s image, you will see long-term success and growth at the bottom line.

ROI doesn’t have to plateau, and AZPRO is here to help you advance your business identity.

Connect with us today; our services will pave your road to success.

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Think about your favorite local grocery store. Can you visualize the signage throughout the store? How about their unique color theme and even their logo? Memorability matters, especially when it…