Caring for your new vehicle fleet graphics is the best possible thing you can do to ensure your
investment will last as long as possible. It’s important to have the right tools to make that possible. At
AZPRO, we developed an eco-friendly solution to do just that. This Wrap+Care System will help keep
your vehicle fleet graphics looking good for years to come.fleet graphics

Using low-pressure water, rinse your vehicle wrap so that the entire surface is wet and excessive dirt is
saturated and rinsed away.

Using our wrap wash, wash the vehicle thoroughly using a microfiber glove. Rinse and dry your vehicle.
It’s important to do this in the shade or out of direct sunlight.

Dispense a small amount of the wrap protectant directly to the microfiber applicator and apply it to the
wrap using small circular motions. Before the protectant dries, remove excess with the same motion
using the microfiber towel. Do not apply excessive pressure. If protectant dries before removal, reapply
and wipe immediately.fleet graphics

We recommend washing your vehicle fleet graphics by hand every two weeks and immediately
following a rainstorm. Protectant is recommended once every 90 days but can be done more frequently
if desired.

Your vehicle’s wrap is laminated, giving it added protection against the elements and ultraviolet rays.
Washing your vehicle with harsh detergents will damage your wrap and cause excessive wear, reducing
the life of your wrap. Avoid abrasive cleaners or automated car washes.
If you have a wrap with perforated window vinyl, avoid the use of your rear window wiper blade or ice
scraper. Also, a rear defroster may damage the vinyl due to the heat applied to the glass.fleet graphics

1 bottle of wrap wash
1 bottle of wrap protectant

1 microfiber glove
1 microfiber applicator
1 microfiber towel

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