Whatever business you own, the odds are that your team members will not only have to interact with each other, but with customers as well. If that interaction needs to be done in person, then it is necessary to begin considering how you will keep them safe during these dangerous times. acrylic shields

Whether it is a retail store, doctor’s office, factory floor, or a traditional office space, precautions need to be taken to ensure the health and safety of everyone inside your location. Social distancing is only part of the solution, and sometimes it not possible. For example, grocery stores cannot separate their cashiers from their customers in the check out line, so other solutions need to be sought. acrylic shields

The answer for many businesses is clear acrylic shields that separate employees from each other and from customers. The advantages of adding these acrylic shields are numerous:


Clear acrylic shields are more durable than glass, while at the same time being much lighter. Should anything ever come into contact with them, you can pretty much breathe easy that it will not only remain intact, but will likely suffer any physical blemishes.


If your business operates outdoors, clear acrylic shields are perfect for your location. They are both resistant to water and UV rays. acrylic shields


Because acrylic is easy to cut, you will be able to hang them virtually anywhere. Oddly spaced areas can still house these shields, and acrylic is also capable of being bent should the situation call for it.


Being lightweight, clear acrylic shields can be mounted in several different ways, making them much more convenient than glass. A bracketing system can easily be created for your acrylic shield or if you are looking for a cheaper option, you can hang them from the ceiling. Either option is unobtrusive and still looks professional.

If you need to have acrylic shields installed in your business to keep your employees and customers protected, call 866-503-8345 for a free quote.

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