Adapting to the new retail climate is a choice every business owner must make if they are hoping to successfully navigate through these uncertain times. Almost everything about how businesses operate is changing and that is due to the fact that almost everything about the way people shop is also changing.
Understanding how to set up your retail space is key and point of purchase displays are a vital component of this. Below are some ways to capitalize on the new precautions that have been put into place. retail point of purchase displays

    Many retail businesses are limiting the amount of people they are allowing into their location, which means that lines are forming outside of many retail stores. Creating point of purchase displays either outside or in the areas where your carts are kept is a great way to grab shoppers’ attention before they even enter the store.
    With so many retailers inputting precautions like one-way aisles, you are literally telling shoppers which way to look. Set up your point of purchase displays so that they are consistent with the flow of traffic. Aisle end cap displays are more important than ever now that shoppers are being directed as to how they move throughout a store. Also, because people are concerned about navigating down crowded aisles, it is a great time to move some of your products to their own point of purchase display case in a more open area.
  • CHECK OUT AREAS retail point of purchase displays
    Now that social distancing is becoming mandatory in almost every retail space, point of purchase displays near your check out are should be increased. Lines are naturally becoming longer because people are separating themselves by six feet when checking out. This causes lines to grow throughout sections of the store they normally wouldn’t. Take advantage of this by putting a point of purchase display where you normally wouldn’t have one.

At azpro, our skilled team not only creates Point of Purchase displays for you, but we can also correctly install these signages to boost your products and maximize your sales. If you are wondering about which point of purchase displays would be best for your products, call us at 866-907-8438 today!

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