In this article, we will discuss some of the biggest and most exciting retail signage trends that we will see in 2020.

1. Personalization

We will see more personalized signage in 2020. People want to see signage that is relevant to them. Sure there are plenty of folks hooting and hollering about their privacy, but no one can deny that special feeling they get when they see signage that is perfectly tailored to their needs and interests. There bad actors out there trying to acquire your info and use it for the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of others that want to utilize your information to advertise the most relevant products to your life!

2. Interactive Signage

With the convenience of the internet, consumers do not merely want to go shopping to buy things. We have Amazon Prime and online grocery shopping for that. When people leave their homes to go shopping, they are looking for a fun experience. They are also looking for something that they can take pictures of and post to social media to show all of their friends that they are having fun.

In 2020 we will see signage that is more interactive than before. One example is the “Instagrammable” exhibits that are all the rage right now and that are popping up in almost every major city. People are coming to take photos of themselves in these creative scenes to post on social media. Has your Facebook newsfeed been filled with people jumping into giant pools of ice cream sprinkles or shooting fake marshmallows at each other in a ball pit? Regardless of the specific type of scenes or artwork, these exhibits usually have artistic backdrops with signage.

Today’s signs are not just sharing info about products or services. These signs are offering one of a kind experiences! It’s those unique experiences that differentiate brands from all the other noise on the shelf.

3. Direct Calls to Action

We will see direct calls to action posted on signage. Calls to action are clear and specific. They tell the customer to do something while creating a sense of urgency. Some examples of calls to action are “try it for 30 days, risk-free,” or “redeem coupon now.” These strong calls to action translate into high sales volume. One of the retail signage trends is having a call to action that calls for a consumer to download an app and enter code displayed to be eligible for a particular discount or promotion.

Advertisers are becoming even more sensitive to the overwhelming volume of content out there, and they are screaming for their consumer’s attention. It’s the advertisers that will embrace these retail signage trends in 2020 that are going to capture the attention of their target markets.

If you would like to learn more about the latest retail signage trends, call Azpro today at 866-907-8438.

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