With the recent precautions being taken with the Coronavirus, many retailers have been left wondering what their next step is. The future of businesses is uncertain, at best, and it is hard for owners to justify spending during these hard times. The fact-of-the-matter is that many retailers are still seeing profits and some even find their demand skyrocketing, like big-box retailers or grocery stores. retail signage

The need for retail signage is, perhaps, even more necessary now than it has in the past. Owners must consider that while demand has been rising, there is also a shift in the way consumers are shopping. In the past, consumers might have more of a tendency to linger throughout a store or shopping mall, giving them more time to comparison buy or make decisions. This behavior has changed drastically over the past couple of months and consumers are much more focused on their needs, which is seriously limiting the amount of time they spend in the store due to their safety.

Retail signage is crucial to the current climate of shopping, and business owners must adapt to the new mindset of their customers. Here are two simple ways to ensure that your customers are still getting exactly what they need out of their highly adjusted shopping experience:


Consumers may have been more prone to stop and read the side of a box or a can to see what kind of ingredients or how many calories an item has. Expedite this process by creating retail signage that is easily visible in an effort to save them time on making their decisions. Smith’s Food and Drug does an extremely good job of informing their customers about their choice of meats through case wraps on their coolers.


Stores, as of late, have been very chaotic, so every retailer must make an effort to alleviate some of the panic or anxiety that may become associated with this. Provide retail signage that physically shows the consumer where items are located so they can limit the amount of time searching for items. Look how Ralphs Grocery directs their customers to the “Asian” food section of their produce department.


Many consumers are going to want to avoid entering your store completely, so they will be looking for pick-up or delivery options. Create signage that lets them know how to shop online, like Fry’s Food Stores does with their retail signage in their cart corrals.

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