If you put most retail business owners in a time machine and set the dials for ten year ago,it is almost certain that every one of them would be kicking themselves for the lost opportunities they spot while walking the floor of their locations. Just in the past decade, point of purchase displays have made considerable advances as to where it is possible to advertise products. Pardon the pun, but many retailers have begun to think outside the box when it comes to drawing attention to their products or brands. Point of purchase displays are popping up in some places that were largely underutilized in the past. Here are a few places to consider if you own a retail business:

  • SECURITY PEDASTALS – When it comes to prime real estate for point of purchase displays, you can’t find anything better than the security towers/theft detectors at the entrances to your store. If there is one place that you can guarantee every customer will pass by, this is it.
  • KIOSKS – If your retail business has an information kiosk, whether it be directional or brand related, it should be covered in point of purchase signage or wrapping. Not only do kiosks already stand out from a retail environment, but people are spending precious shopping time looking at them, so why not capitalize on this opportunity.
  • COLUMNS – What was once seen as a burden in the retail industry, is now seen as an opportunity to promote products and promotions. Almost every larger retail location has columns, which are often either very plain, or downright ugly. Take the opportunity to cover them in point of purchase signage and use them to your benefit.
  • DISPLAY CASES – The glass display cases of yesteryears are being repurposed to display case signagehelp retailers close vital sales. If done correctly, turning your display cases into point of purchase displays will give your customer much needed brand or sale information without making them divert their eyes or attention from the actual product.
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