Share a Coke and a Song summer campaign featuring more than 70 song lyrics on the packaging, putting phrases from Lean on Me, We are the Champions, and other chart toppers alongside its iconic logo. McDonald’s has also seen a huge face-lift roll out this year as it relates to their new packaging. CEO, Steve Easterbrook is pushing McDonald’s to be “a modern progressive burger company,” and with their updated bright & bold Helvetica font and rudimentary design, they seem to be securing that look and feel. Another brand who took their “basic”, “Plain Jane” look into a bolder and more joyful design direction was Target’s Market Pantry brand. They incorporated bright colors against a consistent red and white base with crisp photography and more expressive fonts. The updated look brings life to their packaging and makes these products really pop. If you think your product packaging might be in need of a refresh, here are some things to think about:

  1. Is our packaging user friendly?
  2. Has our competitor(s) updated their packaging?
  3. Is our current packaging solution costly?
  4. Has it been decades since we’ve updated the packaging?
  5. Is our packaging environmentally friendly?
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