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  • Now the reality is, print marketing is thriving. It’s not the same it was a decade ago but it has evolved with the times and still very much alive and kicking. While some businesses may have migrated to the crowded web due to convenience and cost effectiveness, print is still very much a necessary and powerful opportunity to reach customers offline. Below you can see as a business how you can leverage print media and the advantages it has over its digital counterparts. Credibility – Surfing the web and getting ambushed with popups and banner ads can be a tad overwhelming and cause for concern of spam and viruses. There’s no looming danger in print media. Tangibility – This physical printed thing now lives and has the opportunity to own real estate in a consumer’s home or commute, while internet ads disappear into the deep dark web. Branding – Pretty straight forward but printed media is great for strengthening a brands identity. Engagement – A U.S. survey highlighted that 88% of respondents indicated that they understood, retained or used information better when they read print compared to when reading on electronic devices. Finding the right balance between various media channels is the best way to market your business. Social media, the web ads, and apps are here to stay but don’t forget that print can still play an important role in your marketing efforts. If you’re ready to discover how print can affect your business or if you’re simply looking for a print solution, give us a call 623/907/8438 or drop us a line at [email protected].]]>

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