azpro marketing kit - open According to the Dotcom Distribution Packaging Report 2015, 60% of all respondents reveal that they would share the product image on social media if they thought it looked nice. Of those respondents, 84% used Facebook, 32% Twitter, 31% Instagram, 28% YouTube and 20% Pinterest to share their new purchase with their friends. That’s huge opportunity to increase your customer base and if those respondents convince a fraction of their friends to purchase your products, then that obviously in turn helps your profits. What to take away from the report

  • Premium packaging that is gift-like, branded or fancier than brown box packaging exceeds customer expectations and creates a memorable experience.
  • The excitement generated from a premium-packaged product encourages consumers to share their experience on social media sites as they would any other meaningful life event.
  • Consumers look to social media content posted by their peers when researching products they want to purchase online.
  • Most consumers admit to being influenced to make a purchase after viewing an image or video of a product they were researching online
  • Premium packaging creates an opportunity for social sharing, and those images and videos shared on social media are likely to influence new customers to make a purchase.
So what does this all mean? While you may not lose customers from the traditional brown box packaging, you’re less likely to get consumers to share their new purchase on their social media outlets, which could ultimately lead to more customers, thus increasing your profits. At azpro, we have an awesome creative team, and solid production staff to transform your boring old brown box to a creative branded gift-like marketing piece. Let us know when you’re ready to get started!]]>