Point of Purchase displays or POP displays refers to stand alone product displays typically found in stores near the check out area. The following is a list of three reasons why POP works so well at getting people to buy what they’re advertising. Point of purchase

  1. A POP display is attention-grabbing; it’s built specifically to make people notice it and the products that it’s carrying. The display itself engages a person which is a huge deal in a busy store where a shopper’s visual field is bombarded with a plethora of products. The product on the shelf can be the best in the world, but if they fail to get the shoppers attention, they may as well not even be there.
  2. People go to a store because they are in need of something. Not everyone in the store is always looking for everything but if enough people come through the store, chances are a percentage of them will be looking for what the point of purchase display is selling. The POP is specifically designed to not only capture that person’s attention but to communicate to them, that its product is genuinely going to provide them with the satisfaction to the want they are currently at the store to satiate.
  3. Third and probably most importantly, this communicative display is located in the spending zone. As the person heads to the cash register, they have already begun mentally preparing themselves to spend money. Once they are already in the money spending mode, they are so much more susceptible to the enticing siren call of the POP display. The POP is effective in all areas of stores, but it’s the most effective in the check out zone.
Point Of Purchase displays work. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone if they’ve ever bought anything in the check out line. You know you have yourself, and you may have even felt guilty about it after as you realized you might not have really needed that. Don’t feel bad; everyone is susceptible to the POP display. Eventually, it gets you and given the volume of customers in a store that’s enough “one time buyers” to make a large profit. At azpro, we help clients create a point of purchase display that works. Call us today to learn more about our POP display options at 866-907-8438.  ]]>

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