Once all elements of a sale come together, the time and place of purchase is represented by something known as point of purchase (POP). It’s a place where sales are made – at a mall or more specifically, the area in which consumers pay. POP has become a staple marketing strategy for many manufacturers and brands. Displays could be as simple as a sign or elaborate like 3D or animation. The displays highlight particular products, drawing the customer’s attention, which is ultimately important in a cramped retail store alongside competitors. Snowfox Sushi Dimensional Signage

Where are POPs Used:

Not to be muddled alongside other terms like ‘endcap’, POPs have transitioned from the customary locations of a vehicle wrap to various locations within a retail shop. In previous years, you might have found POPs located by the cash register. However, today marketing professionals and retailers have found that POP displays are more effective when placed throughout a store.

How it all starts:

When using assorted marketing methods or communication tactics including creative collaboration, printing, packaging, shipping, and installation, you are able to place more influencing pressure to the consumer’s journey. But the necessary turnkey solutions for business’ POP might be easier said than done. The three main tactics include:  
  • An idea:
To give the intention to sell or purchase for that matter, you need to provide a story. Brainstorming as to why the product or service is necessary is an essential and the initial step within the point of purchase. Begin with the story and idea in mind. Once partnering with azpro on creative collaborations, we’ll evaluate the current designs in place, challenges, goals, and the target demographics. With our eye-catching design, shoppers will become engaged – leading to assisted conversions.  
  • Correct equipment:
The design is good to go, but how do we build it out? No worries, we’ve got the top equipment that’s not only high resolution but environmentally friendly. We get your project right the first time.  
  • Seamless execution:
Any POP display is only successful as the quality of implementation done at the store or retail level. Effective implementation and execution require that you recognize all possible outcomes. As a marketer, you require services beyond the design and build of these displays. We provide ongoing fulfillment to ensure that the execution of your initial idea and story runs accordingly to plan, if not exceeding your goals. Luckily, azpro can design, produce, and deliver POP displays for a variety of clients – agencies, retail, health, restaurants and more. ]]>

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