Fleet graphics are an obvious way of getting your brand noticed. It’s an investment that every business that uses a fleet should make. When designing your fleet graphics, there are several things to consider from a marketing perspective. Think about what message(s) you want to communicate and what will make your brand stand out in a crowd of vehicles. vehicle fleet graphics

There are a couple of marketing strategies, along with well designed fleet graphics, to maximize the marketing potential of your fleet. Here are a few ideas to implement with your marketing team:

  • Share pictures of your fleet on social media. This is a simple idea to get your brand noticed on and off the road. One rule to remember when taking pictures of your fleet graphics, is that people are more likely to look and interact with pictures of people. Having a team member looking excited to represent your company on the job is more likely to stop your audience from scrolling past your content through their feed. Some business owners forget this rule and get lost in being proud of the work they do so they forget this number one rule…..PEOPLE LIKE PEOPLE. This is basic psychology that starts at birth, babies naturally are drawn and react to faces and people continue this habit through adulthood. vehicle fleet graphics
  • If you have a lull in appointments, use a couple of your team members with some “extra time” to drive around in high traffic areas. Use your fleet as a moving billboard to get seen by thousands of people in as little as one day. To do this most effectively, make sure you have your main call to action, like your contact number or website along with your main message like “Free Inspections” or “Get a Quote Now” on the back of your vehicle. People are more likely to have time to take action when they are parked behind your fleet at a light or stop sign.
  • If you really want to maximize your fleet graphics advertising potential, you can challenge people to a selfie contest in front of your “parked” fleet vehicles. If they take a picture with one of your companies vehicles and share it on social media with your company tagged they can be entered to when a gift card to a local restaurant, bar, store. Using marketing contests that give away gift cards to local businesses gives your brand more exposure. Try to pick businesses to partner with that have a large and active social media presence. This will encourage the audience to participate in your marketing giveaway.

Our team of experienced designers and installers take pride in wrapping your fleet in graphics that are guaranteed to get your brand noticed. Learn more about fleet graphics and get a quote here.


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