Sneeze guards are being used everywhere while Covid-19 races across the country. Taxi drives and ride-sharing drivers are in charge of the safety of dozens of people during their daily shifts, which has become quite a responsibility. Sneeze guards provide protection from germs for both the passenger and the driver.

Between the driver and the passenger, the driver is most at risk for airborne germs being projected into the front area of the car. Plastic sneeze guards stop germs from passing through into the front seat. Another benefit for the driver is that the plastic sneeze guard can be used to advertise other businesses or to communicate messages the driver would like the passenger to know. This can give ridesharing drivers and taxi companies extra revenue outlets by selling this newly added ad space between the driver and the passenger.

The beauty of this newly added “ad space” on the sneeze guard is that it is right where the passenger looks when they look forward making it prime ad space similar to when ad space is sold on the back of bathroom stall doors. Advertising on bathroom stall doors keeps customers’ attention for 1-5 minutes but what makes using a sneeze guard as ad space in a taxi or ride-sharing car even better is that you are keeping the passenger’s attention for an average of 5-30 minutes so longer messages can be communicated.

Our expert team of designers and installers can fit your taxi fleet or ridesharing vehicles with sneeze guards to protect both drivers and passengers for the duration of their rides or shifts. It is still recommended that passengers wear masks and use hand sanitizer to keep the shared space in the back of the vehicle clean and safe. To get a quote for sneeze guards for your fleet, call 866-503-8345.