billboard. Either way, there are still clear signs that humans have been attempting to communicate with potential customers in large format for well over a century. HP Scitex 11000 for large format printing Understanding this need is what eventually led to the advent of what are called large or wide format digital printers. So, what exactly is wide format printing? The standard definition of wide format printing is anything with a maximum width between 18 and 100 inches (anything beyond 100 inches wide is considered “super” wide format). In layman’s terms, wide format printing is basically anything that cannot be produced on your basic commercial printers. VUTEk HS 125 Pro Here at azpro, our shop floor houses seven wide format printers which are utilized for different needs, depending on the project. Among this collection of printers are one HP Scitex 11000, one HP Scitex XP5100, one VUTEk HS 125 Pro, a pair of HP Latex 570’s and a pair of HP Latex 3000’s. We have the ability to print anywhere up to 196 inches wide roll-to-roll, and up to 5×10 foot sheets, however, both respective materials can be joined together to make the size of the advertisement infinite. The materials that can be used by these machines include, but are not limited to banner, vinyl, PET films, backlit applications, fabrics, foamcor, styrenes, pvc sheets, card stocks, Coroplast™, UltraBoard™, and Falconboard™. The products that are printed by these machines can range anywhere from retail signage, to wall wraps, to vehicle fleet wraps, and much more. Call us today at 866-907-8438 to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you create eye-catching signage for your business.]]>

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