Phoenix Vinyl Banners | What Kinds of Vinyl Banners Are Available

What is A Vinyl Banner?

Phoenix vinyl banners are a low cost form of outdoor advertising. Vinyl banners are digitally printed on large format printers capable of printing full color graphics on one piece of material. Although most banners are used for outdoor advertising, banners are also used for indoor purposes as well.

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Phoenix Vinyl Banners

Phoenix vinyl banners are a great way to get your message seen but there are different materials for different applications. Banners used for outdoor purposes are typically printed on a heavier weight vinyl made to withstand most weather conditions. Outdoor vinyl banners may require wind slits as well to allow wind to pass through the slits and reduce the chance of the banner being ripped down. Indoor vinyl banners can be made with the same heavy weight material that outdoor banners are printed on, but unless the banner is utilized for both indoor and outdoor purposes the heavier weight is unnecessary.

Pole Banners

Phoenix pole banners are made with a heavier weight vinyl material to withstand most weather conditions. At the top and bottom of the banner the hem is a little bit different than your standard vinyl banner. There are pole pockets at the top and bottom so that the banner can hang from a light pole or any type of pole. This type of banner is typically found around sporting events or downtown areas.

Retractable Vinyl Banner Stands

This type of vinyl banner retracts into the base of the stand when it is not being used. This retracting banner stand is great for portability and looks professional when displayed. The vinyl material used for a retractable banner looks and feels more like a film rather than the heavy material used for outdoor banners. The film material allows the banner to retract into the base without harming the graphic.  ]]>