Italian restaurant First step: get the word out. Let’s talk about those vans. Are they branded up? If not, a wrap is a great way to do that. By promoting the brand on a rolling advertisement, you’re taking your message to the streets — literally. Maybe instead of keeping those vans at the restaurant all the time, have a waiter drive one around the freeway during off-peak hours just to spread the word. Or park the van closer to the street to grab some attention. Now you’re off and running. Next, let’s talk about the location itself. Have you ever seen one of those tall flexible flags that promote a business? We do those, and they’re called bow flags. Put a few of those out front to pull in more people off the street, and start filling out those seats. Speaking of, maybe a few of the restaurants could use a mild overhaul. Or you just want to get some brand continuity across the restaurants with your décor. Have you ever considered wall graphics? We can wrap an entire wall or just do smaller signage across any surface you want, which can bond those locations together with a unifying theme. Alright, so now that the basics are in place, let’s talk about promotions. You’ve got the rest of the year ahead of you, but Spring is here right now. To keep things up-to-date, let’s create a promotion for the next few months — say, 10% off all family orders with 10 or more people, for example — and we can make up the signage for that. Possibly a wrap on the exterior windows to get some attention, or maybe some pieces that go on every table. Then, come the summertime, we freshen things up with an additional promo — 15% off all takeout and catering orders, possibly — and create new signage for that. We continue the process now, getting things in place for the rest of the year. That way everything is good to go by the time the next season rolls around. Fleet of VehiclesAnd that’s the thing about promotions. Think about what’s coming up in the next few months: Memorial Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and many other special occasions that all can revolve around your business. If you want to get the get the word out and bring in more customers, you need to promote yourself well. Every upcoming holiday is an opportunity to get your name out there and spread the word by using the right marketing materials. You don’t even have to wait for a holiday — you can create your own. A fantastic example of this is May the Fourth. It is now a huge push for Lucasfilm/Disney that was designed as a promotional tool for Star Wars fans. That’s right, a funny play on words has become an entire event for a brand, and you could do the same thing. You just need the tools to do it. Now you may not own an Italian restaurant. You could have a fleet of pest control vans, a sports venue, or any number of different types of businesses and that’s OK. The point here is that with each season comes a new opportunity for you to bring customers into your circle. And how do you do that? With proper preparation and the right marketing tools to get the job done. And since that’s what we do, we can help you out on that one.]]>

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