Amazing medical facilities exists all around us. They stick out by their big, beautiful buildings, and their thoughtfully crafted graphics and signage inside and out of the establishments. You can’t avoid the signs. They’re literally everywhere you turn. They can be seen inside and outside. Signage is a large foundation of the medical culture, and it’s impossible to look in any direction without noticing them. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to healthcare signage: The Serene Effect: Those visiting healthcare facilities or hospitals are likely there for treatment, diagnosis, or to visit someone – so it’s apparent they may have a lot on their minds. In this environment, you want signage that is easy to understand. Avoid any extra stress that could be added to signage difficult to interpret. Complexity can add unnecessary anxiety to those reading. Anxiety has been proven to reduce the body’s ability to heal. With a robust, yet thorough signage system that’s easy to comprehend, it will relax your visitors and allow them to focus their energy where it’s most needed. Transparency is Key: Unless you’re a doctor or work directly within a medical facility, you aren’t going to be too familiar with medical terminology. It’s best to find patient-and-visitor-friendly, easy to comprehend terminology. Graphics and maps should be similar in that they’re simple to grasp and understand. If detail is something you need, there’s a balance to the signage – finding just the right amount of detail while communicating efficiently. Our team is great with this! Having Clear Correspondence: The biggest advantage of having well-thought and displayed healthcare signage is that visitors are now in control. They aren’t having to ask staff the simplest of questions like where the bathroom is. However, there will still always be some outliers that need the human touch. Ensure that your staff knows and uses the same terminology with visitors when and if these question arise. It will make efforts easier and more efficient for new patients or visitors referencing your signage. While healthcare signage might not seem imperative to many, the moment you step foot into a medical facility, it’s a necessity. This is why healthcare and medical companies partner with azpro to help develop the experience and vision needed within its signage. From architectural finishes and wayfinding signs to dimensional signage, our sign capabilities are almost limitless.]]>

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