Point-of-Purchase (or Point-of-Sale) graphics are all around us, all the time. They constantly vie for the consumer’s attention. The following are just a few ways of using large format graphics to stand out in the sea of POP signage. retail window wrap Window wraps– Often times, retail stores will have large window banks at or near the entrances and fronts of the store. These window banks provide a great opportunity to draw customers in or to market a particular item or promotion to them. With the option of using perforated vinyl film for these wraps, the windows can provide a great marketing space while also utilizing the perforated vinyl to create some privacy inward facing (all while still allowing full visibility outward). retail floor graphics Floor decals- Many times, the last place someone may be expecting to see a sign is the floor itself. That may be exactly what helps that graphic stand out even more. When combined with some well thought content, it can be even more effective (Want to promote floor cleaning products? What better place to do it?) With an ever expanding selection of floor laminates to choose from that help provide durability and safety via non-slip surfaces, floor graphics are a great way to drive foot traffic in the right direction (pun absolutely intended). retail wall wrap   Wall wraps– Never underestimate the power of the tried and true wall wrap. With today’s vast selection of materials available, you can virtually wrap just about any wall texture. These wall wraps can set the mood for the entire store, can tell dramatic stories at a glance and can be very memorable for the customer. And what better way to promote your brand and ensure return visits than to be in their minds still after they leave? Often retail outlets have expansive wall space that is practically begging to be wrapped. You can also combine the wrap with other dimensional signage to create a truly dynamic experience. retail dimensional sign Multi-dimensional signage– While not necessarily an independent category, I did think it prudent to highlight the value and benefits of using multi-dimensional signage. When trying to “stand out” from the crowd, what better way than to use a sign that literally does stand out? By utilizing multiple layers on various types of signage, you can add a depth and a higher class feel to the end product. This technique can be utilized on headers and footers, ceiling danglers, POP stands, as an addition to wall wraps and virtually anywhere else you can think of. Often simply doing some lettering out of Ultraboard or PVC as opposed to just having them printed can add a unique feel and presence while still being cost conscious. My favorite saying when it comes to designing an entire look and feel within a space with signage is simple—your imagination’s the limit. These were a few of the ways that relatively simple signage could transform a customer’s experience from the second they walk into your space.]]>

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