Business car wraps transform your fleet of vehicles into rolling billboards, effectively placing your brand within the line of sight of your target audience. It’s a powerful marketing and branding tool. On average, a vehicle logs around 15,000 miles annually. It can create as many as nine million impressions given that much time. Vehicle wraps can boost brand awareness and potentially generate leads. On top of this, you only spend less than half of a full-page color print ad.

In this blog, we’ll cover what a business vinyl wrap is, how you make money with fleet wraps, their benefits and the best practices you should follow.

What Are Business Car Wraps?

A car wrap is also known as car signage. It’s made of vinyl and installed on a vehicle to function as a mobile billboard to advertise your business. Business car wrapping companies work with you to design these vinyl films. At AZPRO, we carry a 3M Matched Component Systems (MCS) warranty. So you’re guaranteed to get the best quality work and materials every time.

Car wraps display pertinent information about your business. This can include your company logo, brand name and contact information. Small businesses to larger corporations make use of them, and they can be installed on all types of vehicles.

Benefits Of Using Car Wraps

Companies that use business vinyl wrap ads for advertising their brand gain a clear advantage over those that don’t. The eye-catching designs create lasting impressions, which increase brand awareness.

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy when you make use of business car wraps:

  1. It Promotes Your Business 24/7

Vinyl wraps installed on all company vehicles give them the added functionality of brand promotion. The designs become marketing materials, and they’re visible to the public 24/7. Pedestrians, other vehicles on the roads and onlookers are exposed to your brand and contact details easily and accessibly.

Your employees can drive the vehicles around town, or leave the vehicles parked at event venues, shopping districts and any place with high foot traffic. The more people can view the vinyl wrap on these vehicles, the more they will recognize and remember your business.

  1. Adds A Protective Layer for Your Vehicles

Good quality vinyl wraps have UV-resistant properties, which protect your vehicles from the sun’s harmful rays. They also form a protective layer against heavy rains and other harsh weather conditions. When they are correctly installed, they usually sustain little to no damage. In addition, well-constructed business vehicle wraps have very long lifespans making them a good choice for exterior protection for your company cars.

  1. Mobile Marketing To Your Target Market Extends Your Reach

You can drive your company vehicles wherever your target market is located. You can take them to residential areas, events, business districts, the beach and other locations where there’s high traffic volume. Doing so increases the maximum exposure of your brand. You also expand your reach because you expose your brand images to people along the way.

  1. Creative Ways To Advertise Promotions

If you’re a well-known brand in the neighborhood, you can use business vehicle wraps to advertise special deals and promotional offers. It’s a great way to drum up interest in your brand.

  1. Advertise Your Business Even If You Don’t Own a Fleet

If your business is small, and you don’t own a fleet of vehicles to advertise your brand, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of vehicle wraps. Some small businesses have rented trucks, vans, and cars to have vinyl wraps installed on them. This way, you take advantage of the marketing opportunities created by these other vehicles.

How To Market Your Business With Vehicle Wrap

After covering car wrap benefits, the next question is how to make money with car wraps. Yes, they’re a bold way to advertise your brand, but remember that your vehicles only have seconds to grab people’s attention. You have a small window of opportunity to impact potential customers significantly. Your designs need to be impressive but not distractive.

Here are some useful ways you can market your business using vehicle wraps, along with best practices you should follow:

Keep Your Designs Clean

A cluttered car wrap design can easily create the wrong impression of your business. At AZPRO, our designers know how to maximize a clean design to attract customers. We are the preferred provider to the industry’s experts to produce and install graphics.

Always Send A Clear Message

In order to maximize the benefits and make money with car wraps, your images and designs should always send a clear and concise message. It can be tempting to use all the available space you can find on your company vehicle. However, it would be best to treat your car wrap as a short brochure. Most of the time, all you need is a single-line statement (like announcing a sale), your web address, tagline, and company logo.

Improve Visibility

When you design the ads on your car wrap, it’s important to think about how visible they are to viewers. Consider adding design elements for people on the sidewalks who will see your company vehicle. You can test your designs by having your car pass by several times. You can also do the same visibility test by parking your car on the street and driving past it. This strategy allows you to have a sense of how effective the placement is of your intended branding messages.

A/B Testing

Compare how many phone calls or new interested customers you get before and after launching your marketing campaign using two different business vehicle wraps. Another good idea is to match the designs you used on your cars with the same design elements on your website. This may include adding new design elements to your website.

You can launch a new campaign in the next month or quarter to measure how effective your vinyl wrap designs are and what changes you need to make.

Maximize The Impact Of Your Vehicle Fleet Wraps

At AZPRO, we help maximize your vehicle wrap ads with impactful and modern designs. We design, produce and install custom vinyl wraps quickly and efficiently. We go beyond expectations to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our products and services. Call 866-503-8345 today or fill out this form to get a free quote.

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