There are different materials and techniques used by different companies for a vehicle fleet wraps. The one thing that every fleet wrap has in common is that every fleet wrap needs to be maintained in order to last longer and to maintain its visual appeal. Our team starts the fleet wrap maintenance process before the vehicle leaves our shop by adding a layer of wax onto all horizontal surfaces. We use a polymer-based wax recommended by 3M. The benefit of a polymer-based wax is that it sits on top of the vinyl instead of getting absorbed into the vinyl. Because of this benefit, a polymer-based wax is ideal because it is added protection against the sun, pollutants, and other un-avoidable elements.

The sun is unavoidable in Pheonix, AZ…..

The sunlight, heat, and pollutants in Pheonix, AZ is a combination that can fade and weaken a vehicle wrap. Our polymer-based wax can slow this process down, but not stop this process. If possible, we recommend parking vehicles in your fleet that are not in use in covered areas to keep your fleet wraps looking as good as they did the day you got them wrapped.fleet graphics

Vehicle wrap care and maintenance kits

At AZPRO, we take pride in our vehicle fleet wraps so we provide care kits with maintenance instructions to help our customers keep our work looking bright and beautiful! Here are some maintenance tips to remember:

  • Wash the wrapped vehicles every 2 weeks
  • Wash after rainstorms
  • Use soap/shampoo and water when washing (using just water won’t remove damaging pollutants)
  • Apply wax every 3 months (Remember when we mentioned that wax acts as a protectant? This is why you need to continue to wax a wrapped vehicle)

Taking care of your fleet’s vehicles fleet wraps can almost double the longevity of the wrap. Even with taking these maintenance steps, a vehicle wrap can still be damaged or start lifting or peeling because it is a very actively used vehicle. If you notice your wrap lifting or peeling, our team might be able to help. Call 866-503-8345 for more information.

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