Using vehicle wraps is one of the most effective local advertising strategies. It grabs the attention of your target market, but it’s also interruption-free. Your vehicles provide continuous advertising and maximize your reach within the community you serve.

There are a few crucial factors to keep in mind when using vehicle wrap ads for the first time. Some may ask: how much does vehicle wrap advertising cost, what is fleet wrap advertising and how this strategy can be used effectively to boost returns on investment. In this blog, we’ll provide you with the answers on how to get started with vehicle wrap advertising.

What Is Fleet Wrap Advertising?

A vehicle wrap is digitally printed ad material attached to company vehicles. It acts as a mobile billboard crafted by professionals printed on vinyl sheets. These vinyl wraps are designed to capture the attention of onlookers. The full-color, eye-catching graphics provide calls to action, company contact information and promotional offers.

How Effective Are Vehicle Wraps?

After learning what vehicle wrap advertising can do, business owners often ask how effective vinyl wraps are. Compared to static billboards, vehicle wraps generate two and a half times more attention. Studies also show that people remember the content on mobile advertising 97 percent more.

Vinyl wraps aren’t just for larger companies with a fleet of vehicles. They can also boost the marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. They can boost your branding efforts even if you only have one or two vehicles.

How To Get Started With Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Getting started with vehicle wrap ads requires careful planning. Your vehicles only have a few seconds to impress your viewers. Your vinyl wrap designs should be simple, attention-grabbing and non-distracting.

To help you get started on vehicle advertising and branding, here are some useful tips you can implement:

Keep It Short And Impactful

Brand recognition is a critical aspect of vehicle wrap advertising. However, the space on the wrap won’t be enough for a full-fledged marketing copy. With that in mind, keep marketing messages short yet memorable. A one-line slogan, your business name and contact information will be sufficient.

Use your brand colors and official logos to promote brand awareness. The design, colors and brand symbols should be catchy and memorable.

Present A Clear Message

Multiple messages can be misleading. It’s best to mention the main products and services identifying your brand in the design. If you have more than one line of business (LOB), select the ones appropriate for the current marketing campaign.

For instance, an internet marketing agency can choose to market their web design services like WordPress development, custom site design and eCommerce development. Unrelated services like pay-per-click marketing and conversion rate optimization should be used in later marketing campaigns.

Use Images To Add Clarity

Images and graphics send a simple message immediately. Easily recognizable images and symbols make it easy for onlookers to identify and categorize your business. Images clearly define your products and services at a glance so take advantage of them to help people remember your brand.

Make Details Unforgettable

Using vehicle wraps gives you an opportunity to use prominent symbols, unique fonts and bright colors. These design elements make the vehicle wrap more attention-grabbing. Paying attention to details makes your intention more apparent, which helps convey your brand’s message.

Strategic Color Combinations

Use colors that stand out. For instance, statistics show that the most common vehicle colors are white (23.9 percent), black (23.2 percent), gray (15.5 percent) and silver (14.5 percent). It would be best to choose colors and color combinations outside of the most popular vehicle colors.

For instance, a solar power company can use yellow and green to represent its brand. The yellow represents their line of business (power production), and the green symbolizes clean energy. The combination of these two colors can be eye-catching in a group of white, black or grey-colored vehicles.

Strategic And Clear Design Elements

Make the design elements clean and clear cut. Avoid partial spanning of design elements from one panel to the next obscuring your brand message. For example, observe if certain letters, numbers or symbols get covered up or become unnoticeable when you open a door or move from one side of the vehicle to another.

Display logos on both sides of the vehicle. Place your contact number and website URL in a separate panel. Opt for vinyl wraps highlighting the continuity of the design to help you maximize the available advertising space.

Match The Design With The Vehicle Type

Some designs are better suited to particular vehicle types. Before going with any suggestion, however, you should ensure that it matches the type of vehicle. For example, a modern SUV will look sleek with sporty vinyl wrap designs. However, those vehicle wraps won’t have the same effect if your vehicles are older.

Keep Track Of The Marketing Cost

It’s easy to go over your marketing budget if you’re a small business. Keep an eye on the costs as you select design elements. Choose the vehicle wrap designs that have the most marketing impact at minimum cost.

How Much Does Vehicle Wrap Advertising Cost?

The cost of vehicle wrap advertising represents a significant investment for your company. There are several factors that affect the price, which include the type and size of the vehicle and the type of wrap you need to use.

The bigger the vehicle, the larger the space requires vinyl coverage. The type of wrap will ultimately determine the cost of the project. You can choose between a full wrap or a partial wrap design.

Vehicle wraps can cover both sides of the vehicle. In some cases, some business owners also want the bumper decals to have wraps as well. Full wraps, on the other hand, cover everything, including the decals. The only parts of the vehicle that are excluded are the windshield.

There are also other factors that may affect the price, including labor costs, production, vinyl design and printing services. You should inquire how these factors can affect the overall cost you will have to pay.

Choose a Trusted Vehicle Wrap Company

Partner with a legit and seasoned vehicle wrap company to get the most returns from your mobile billboard marketing campaign. At AZPRO, we create impactful designs to help you reach your goals. We stand by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee carrying a 3M Matched Components Systems (MCS) warranty with each design. Call 866 907 8438 today or fill out this form to get a free quote.

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