WRAP+CARE Kit Step 1: RINSE Using low-pressure water, rinse your wrap so that the entire surface is wet and excessive dirt is saturated and rinsed away. Step 2: WASH Add 1-2 ounces of the wrap wash* per each gallon of water used. In a shaded area or out of direct sunlight, wash the vehicle thoroughly using a microfiber glove. Rinse as outlined in step 1 and dry your vehicle using a clean towel. Step 3: PROTECT Dispense a small amount of the wrap protectant* directly to the microfiber applicator and apply it the wrap using small circular motions. Before the protectant dries remove excess with same motion using the microfiber towel. Do not apply excessive pressure. If protectant dries before removal, reapply and wipe immediately. Note, do not apply protectant to window perf. Something to also keep in mind, if you have a wrap that includes perforated vinyl over your windows, avoid the use of your rear window wiper blade or ice scraper. Also, a rear defroster may damage the vinyl due to the heat applied to the glass. Last but not least, storing your vehicle indoors whenever possible will help extend the life of your wrap. Like anything else that has been left to sit in the sun, there will be noticeable wear (and tear) the more you leave the wrap in the sun and exposed to other elements. The Bottom Line Remember your vehicle wrap is your ‘show room’ and keeping it looking good and fresh speaks volumes about your company. If your vehicle wrap looks damaged or you’re ready for a new one, contact us today for a quote! *provided in your Wrap+Care kit]]>