Holiday POP displays are eye-catching, innovative, and intriguing. Especially during the holidays, they bring in the most revenue for all retail stores due to increased social gatherings. Customers have more money to spend around this time of year and particularly like to spend on limited-time offers, something they know they can’t pass up. It is common sense to create visual POP displays that bring out the customer’s festive spirit and encourage them to buy more. The list below are tips that could help you potentially improve your sales this holiday season.

Tips for Holiday POP Displays

  1. Invest in temporary and portable POP Displays. Invest in mobile displays so that it is easy to move merchandise around without referring to new POP displays. Your store will always remain fresh and this will keep the customers exploring.
  2. Festive LED Lights displays to target the younger demographic. Children are especially fond of festive lighting. Use this to your advantage and display merchandise that targets the younger demographic, such as toys, technology, and games.
  3. Hands-on Experiences for Customers. Some customers bond better with good products by interacting with them. Create interactive displays with a dramatic appeal to catch their attention and keep text to a minimum.
  4. Eye-catching and unique displays that are made to be photographed. Ever gone to a retail store, and the store has a standalone collection that is picture-worthy for you, even if the product isn’t? Adding this element to your retail store adds a great retail experience for your customers.
  5. Use dramatic colors to enhance the appeal. Customers associate better with colors because specific colors remind them of the holidays. Be sure to use plenty of dramatic colors for your holiday POP displays and make sure it does not contradict your brand’s color scheme.

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