A large challenge in preparation for a trade show is in developing the overall presence of your booth. What will make it stand out from the rest of the competition? The layout and design of your booth, demonstrations, materials, and giveaways all make for success within the sea of competition. If we take a deep dive into trade shows in particular–signage can and should be the most eye-catching assets of your booth. But why and how do you get there? Luckily, we’ve compiled some helpful guidelines to ensure that your trade show signs attract the right attendees leaves your company winning.

Don’t get crazy:

Your company has more than one selling point and great reasons as to why customers should choose your product, but you don’t need to include every product on your signage. Keep it simple. When crafting your signage, think in terms of your value proposition. What makes you different than competitors? Define and convey this message within your signage. Consider your signage similar to your elevator pitch, in the fact that it should be concise and convey a sufficient amount of information to leave customers wanting more information. And no worries, you’ll have all that information prepared at your booth through staff, marketing materials, and demonstrations.

Mull over your size and layout:

The layout and size of your booth will help drive your signage design. Trade shows can be a center for crowds, and being able to draw the crowd is the key to a successful time while present at the shows. If your booth has a table, your signage should be above the tabletop level, so that it’s not hidden.

Define your call-to-action:

There might be several actions that you’d like people to follow through on at your booth, like a participatory demonstration, leaving their business card, or simply talking to staff– but your signage should make it clear that there’s only one action you want the attendees to partake in above all others. This call-to-action is most likely a lead-generating action, allowing you to contact prospects later to close sales.

Hone in on the benefits:

Trade show attendees usually have one underlying question that needs to be answered: What’s in it for me? Think about what the answer should be to this question. It’s a driving element to your trade show signage.

Be consistent and visible:

More consistent branding across all marketing elements increase the level of trust that attendees have instilled in your brand. Your overall booth design should use consistent verbiage, design, and colors to ensure connectivity and not look like a last minute project. It’s also important to remember the venue. Oftentimes, venues are thousands of square feet, with hundreds of brands all fighting for attention. This means that visibility along with being remembered is more important than ever, and not an easy task. Attendees can easily become disoriented, so make your booth visible from a distance, as well as up close.

Think and design long term:

Booths tend to be expensive, so it’s imperative to get the most out of your signage and materials. Using the same booth for multiple years can help to reduce your annual trade show spending. But don’t forget to switch a few things up here and there. Keep the memorable items that resonated with attendees, while changing the other assets ever so slightly. Thinking for the future will only help you prepare financially, mentally and physically for the following years.

Maintain an open concept:

Open space is more effective than many would assume. The open space allows for traffic through your booth to flow naturally and let visitors take in your messaging without feeling overpowered. The less clutter, the better. Trade shows can be a costly endeavor, so it’s vital that you get the best bang for your buck in the preparation of your signage. It’s an exceptional platform to market yourself. They offer an innate opportunity to get industry related feedback for you and your competitors while giving you a chance to chat face-to-face with potential customers. Consider incorporating trade shows into your marketing strategy if you’re not already. It’s crucial for growing and marketing your business. Just don’t forget to use this guide to appealing to attendees best. ]]>

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