Any marketing specialist worth their salt will tell you that their job is essentially about the emotions of their potential customers. For years, advertising agencies have been appealing to the emotions of consumers in an effort to subtly nudge them toward the products or services they are contemplating as a want or need. Whether that emotion be safety, happiness, or hope, almost every marketing campaign is directed toward some type of emotion because, as one would expect, almost every buying decision is based on those emotions. retail signage company
It’s no secret that during the holidays, many businesses appeal to consumers’ sense of nostalgia. Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year’s Eve, many find comfort in the memories of the past. When businesses put up retail signs that have a holiday theme, they are appealing to those specific consumers. As much as we may want to ignore the idea, it’s glaringly evident that these holidays have become just as much about consumerism as they are about spending time with one’s family. Many times, the two are combined and retailers are well aware of this trend, which is why they create retail signage that caters to the holiday shopper.
While some businesses will directly show images that spark emotion, like a family eating at the Thanksgiving table or children opening up their Christmas presents near the tree, others will be more subtle. What’s great about holiday retail signage is that almost every image carries with it some emotion. Just the symbolism of a holiday is enough to spark an emotion in many consumers. Whether that be an image of turkey, a candy cane, or a champagne bottle being uncorked, holiday imagery is often associated immediately with personal memories from the past.retail sign company
So, don’t think too hard about what to put on your holiday retail signage, just make sure you are putting it up and you’re putting it up early! For some basic ideas on how to “deck the halls” in your retail space, check out some of the signage we’ve done for Fry’s Food Stores, Ralphs Grocery, and other Kroger brands.retail signage company
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