Helping clients pull off amazing events is one of our favorite things to do. At azpro, we create exciting and effective promotion and signage solutions that become the defining elements of festivals and concerts. We have the creative ideas and large format print options that turn the blank canvas of a parking lot, streetscape or park into a well-defined, visually exciting venue.

The Best Advice: Start Early

If we’ve learned one thing from our involvement with special events, it’s starting early with your planning and promotion. Pre-event promotion is crucial to attracting sponsors, generating excitement, and ensuring a raging success. We can help with banners or billboards that put your event on attendee minds (and calendars) early. Your signage should coordinate with your event website and social media pages. This helps drive people to where they can find sponsorship packages, vendor information or tickets. Think “#event-of-the-year!” Banners and flags are an inexpensive way to tease out information. Consider creating a series of banners that can be hung around town in strategic locations. It can be swapped out monthly to add additional information about the event schedule, entertainment, sponsors, food vendors or “surprise” headliners. When the event day arrives, you can use your banners on site. Careful planning will result in signage options that are multi-purpose and reusable.

Get Creative with the Setting

Whether the focal point of your event is one specific place or an entire park where you’ll be staging different areas for entertainment, craft vendors, food and children’s areas, you can create an inviting and exciting landscape using creative signage.   1. Create boundaries with colorful fencing. We often recommend creating the boundaries for events with our colorful mesh fencing. It is lightweight and can hang on existing fences or be staked. You can print anything on it, from event and sponsor logos to territorial definitions like “Children’s Playland” or “Beer Garden.” Consider color-coding for easy way-finding. 2. Create a dramatic entrance. Whether you have one entry point leading to a concert stage or entrance gates to different areas of a festival, let people know they have arrived with a dramatic entrance. Wrap ticket or information booths in colorful signage, and flank them with printed flags that draw attention. Create an entrance with a banner hanging overhead, or build an archway. Either way, let us wrap it in graphics. We print big, and we’re ready to help you think big! 3. Create photo opportunity stations. Life size standees featuring likenesses of your entertainers are selfie magnets, and your sponsors will appreciate the “red carpet” treatment with the classic photo backdrop emblazoned with their logos. We can print these items early for your pre-event promotion or sponsor parties, turning selfies into social media buzz. 4. Set the stage. For a concert stage, your options for signage are vast, and we can help with all of it. Whether you want back-lit signs or huge and visually exciting signs for the stage trusses. 5. Don’t forget directional signage. From the moment your guests arrive, directional signage will direct them where to go next. Inside your event signs point to restrooms, food, or lost and found. We can print attractive and informative signage from simple staked signs to reusable framed signage or even sandwich boards. Obviously, every event is different, and you want your signage to be as custom as possible. Call and speak with one of our staff experts. We guarantee they will approach your project with enthusiasm and great ideas for promotional and location signage that will help make your event the one everyone’s talking about. Our skilled team is completely focused on providing awesome service, especially when it comes to our specialties of retail signage/displays, corporate decor, and vehicle fleet wraps. Call us today at 866-907-8438 to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you create and properly install your next project.]]>

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