corporate environment with a complete makeover. Research tells uscorporate wall graphics that not only will your employees be healthier and more productive, but customers will also react in a positive manner to more aesthetically pleasing surroundings. There are a number of ways you can transform the interior, or even exterior, of your brick-and-mortar location from a blank canvas, to a work of art that expresses the values, goals, and identity of the brand you are either hoping to create or take to the next level.


Perhaps the most common way to add life to your corporate environment is simply corporate wall graphicsadding a custom-designed wall wrap in your lobby or hallways. These designs can be as basic as a simple pattern, or they can be images of your products, employees, machinery, or even the local landscape.


Three-dimensional lettering is a great way to incorporate logos, company names, slogans, or relevant phrases into the physical structure of your office, warehouse, or factory. Nothing translates the brand of your company than just simply showing or saying it.


This can take on many forms, but one of the more common ways to honor your employees or branches is to create either stand-alone plaques or an acrylic board with metal plaques attached to it. These are common in the trucking industry for their “Million Mile Club” drivers, however, you can do them for any milestone or even the employee of the month. Magnetic bulletin boards have also become a popular way to improve morale around the office.


Deteriorating, damaged, or dated furniture can easily ruin the corporate wall graphicsambiance of an office space. Resurfacing desks, tables, or chairs has become a painless process that can be done during operation hours and not disrupt your business. With materials like Di-Noc™, almost any surface can be transformed to look brand new and give that modern feel to your corporate environment. Our skilled team is completely focused on providing awesome service, especially when it comes to our specialties of retail signage/displays, corporate decor, and vehicle fleet wraps. Call us today at 866-907-8438 to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you create and properly install your next project.]]>